Female Entrepreneurs Are Recession Survivors

Tuesday 03 May 2011
Claire West of Fresh Business Thinking Caught up with our Director Bola Akinseye to discuss why Female business owners are more likely to survive tough economic times than men thanks to their pragmatic and open approach to business

A vox pop of 300 businesswomen on dealing with economic downturn, revealed that women’s slow and steady approach to business puts them in a strong position to be successful in a difficult economic climate.

A summary of the key strengths that give women the edge include:

Looking ahead — Women are meticulous planners but are also good at improvising should their original plans need to change

Seeking support — Women are more likely to seek independent advice than men before disaster strikes

Speaking out — Women are typically better at communicating when the going gets tough and are happy to share their experiences, both good and bad, with their peers

Modest motivations — Women are often less driven by high monetary success and instead value camaraderie, positive relationships and the opportunity to teach and learn

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